How To Start Your Online Business With Less Than $100

September 8th, 2017

Most people know about advantage of starting online business: You don’t need to hire any shops, pay for rent a restaurant… However, it’s not easy at the first time. You need to be serious with successful internet business.

Someone blames that ”Oh, I don’t have thousands of dollars, how can I start my online business? Don’t worry as long as you’re responsible and do not blame on, everything will be fine.

Here are some smart tips help you start your online marketing right now, even you have only $100.

#1 Invest in yourself first. You need to learn all about internet business strategy and tactics. I recommend you join some free online business virtual seminars. Just sign up, enter your name and email address from top internet marketers in the world. You will learn from it. You can also open YouTube to learn case study.

#2 Think about the hottest niches and your passion. You need to solve their problems. For example, someone’s too fat, he or she will think about weight loss. The same thing with self-help, dating online, teaching their children, coach a dog,…

a. You can enter keyword on Google Keyword Planner to research how many people find it in one month,…
b. You should use Google trends and enter the keywords to understand what people need and what the high-demand is.
c. See advertising from your competitors on Google. Logically, if someone spends money to promote his/her products, it means that’s the market people are ready to pay and you can join these niches.

#3 Register a master/visa card (international payment) and a free international payment tool. You can send money to buy something or receive money from another company when you successfully sell for them.

#4 Selling something with at least $5: If you have any skills: sing a song, translation from English into your language, driving traffic to someone’s websites, create a banner ads, write a useful articles, graphics designs,teaching Japanese online,… you can sell.

#5 Affiliate marketing: If you don’t have any products, you can sell other people’s ones. Think about the high demand products to and the best online marketing tool such as email marketing, landing pages, banner ads… to promote.

#6 Buy a domain name (including keywords), it’s better.com for easily remember. It’s about $10 for one domain name (.com), not including premium one.

#7 Selling what you write (e-book,… )/capture video lesson… People want someone to teach them the skill or give them the best tips. If you can be a teacher (Yoga, Foreign language,… ), just do it!

#8 Buy REAL building list and email marketing software. Let’s face it. Thousands people visit your site and they leave, even forever. If you have their personal information and build relationship with them ( send email everyday/every week,..) they will remember and purchase something from you. With the large size of subscribers, the HUGE Money will come into your bank account.

Here are 8 simple ways to make money online and start online business even you have less than $100.I hope it’s really useful for you. Strong energy for you!

5 Hacks To Help You Ace Your Dream Job’s Interview

September 8th, 2017

Job interviews can be stressful. There’s excitement and eagerness accompanied by fear and pressure. Career experts say that you should be in the right frame of mind to be prepared for a face-to-face meeting, a phone conversation or video call with the hiring manager. This is the job before the job and the first thing that you should have under control.

Convincing your interviewer to hire you can seem like a herculean task. But, with the five hacks listed below, you can win even the toughest of interviews:


You go for an interview for yourself- so that you may get hired. But, the needs of the company and the interviewer must be kept on top priority in your interview. Employers prefer to hire candidates who they think are innovative, quick and efficacious at solving problems. They should be able to solve hardships and move ahead through tough situations in the most effective manner.


Career specialists say that the chances of getting a job drops if you answer an interview question for more than two minutes. Unnecessarily long answers to questions show that you are disorganized and have inadequate confidence. It is important to go straight to the point while answering questions. Rambling about details irrelevant to the question asked puts a negative impression on your HR manager. Instead, answer with great thought and go straight to the point. If the HR manager is interested in knowing more, he/she will always follow up with questions.


Building a connection with your interviewer ups your chances of getting hired. You need to be well informed about the industry and company you are planning to join. It is important to know important details bout the company and the interviewer with whom you are scheduled to have an interview. When answering, you should be able to relate to the question what you have learned from your research and fact finding about the company. One must give an interview with the objective of having an intelligent conversation with their interviewer instead of thinking of it as braving a tough question and answer session.


Job seekers apply for a variety of jobs in their domain, but submit the same cover letter and CV for each application. HR managers go through CV and cover letters so as to get a brief idea of the person they might want to interview. Your cover letter and a CV must match the post you are applying for. Let’s say that you sent a resume and a CV that goes along with it to a marketing company. Then you saw another offer in the IT department of another company where your skills seem to be a right fit. Here, you must not send the same CV and cover letter to both the companies. One must craft a CV that is in calibration with the organization’s needs.


Interviewers always test candidates for their IQ. Interesting questions like- “Pick up the marker and write anything on the board” can be asked. Here, you could write anything from your name to your educational qualifications. But the catch here is that you were asked to write “ANYTHING”. A lot of people will fail this. Weird questions like this demand an out of the box outlook to solving problems. Interviewers need to know how your approach to problem solving is and how well you can handle difficult situations.